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April Shower Umbrella Step-by-Step

Hey, all! Hope you are well & having a great week. It has been a crazy week here...which is, sadly, why I am posting this later than I wanted to post it. But later is better than not at all, so I am going with that.

Not sure why, but some of these Umbrella paintings that I have been working on have become some "fan faves". Which is kind of neat. It amazes me when something I just "play around with" really hits and impacts someone so much they get an awesome connection to it. And something about these seem to have an impact on others.

For me, they are fun to make. The lights and darks. The highlights and shadows. I love the balance. Even in finding beauty in the storm.

You can find the video below to create your own Umbrella Painting. Here are a list of suggested supplies:

- Watercolor paper

- Watercolors

- Paint brushes

- Pencil

- Eraser

- Painter's Tape

- Board to tape paper on

- Water

- Cups for water

You can also use a traceable for your umbrella as well, especially if you are still working on those drawing/sketching skills.

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