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April Showers Art Project

"April Showers brings May Flowers."

I sure hope so. Because we sure could use the rain here in Central Florida.

There is something so refreshing about an afternoon rain shower, isn't there? I mean...days on end of nonstop rain I can do without. They can drive me mad. But the afternoon shower, especially after days or weeks of no rain? Yeah. That is beautiful! And the sound of the pitter-patter on the ground is a very sweet sound.

Why not celebrate all the beauty of a rainy day with some artwork? In the video below I share some ideas for your and your kiddos to create something spectacular. And stay tuned...I will post some step by step tutorials for you, too, in case you are interested in arting along with me! And, as always, let me know if you have any questions or need any help. Have fun, all, and happy arting!

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