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Cartoon and Comic Art

I don't know what the world would look like today without comics and cartoons. They are such a huge part of our everyday and entertainment. It's hard to believe this really cool art form didn't really get going until the 19th century.

In America I am told that comics really got going around 1938, post-Depression era when newspaper sales were on the rise. Superman was, of course, one of the greatest superheroes in the comics of that time (and beyond). The rise of motion pictures helped cartoons move from the funnies page in newspapers to the big screen. And the amazing innovation and ideas of such creatives like Walt Disney helped to make the cartoon industry what it is today.

I love comics and cartoons. My kids do, too. Most everyone that I know does, right? And they really are an amazing art form. While much of this style of art is moving to digital mediums, you can still create these the old fashion way too - pencil, paper, eraser, ruler, ink/pens. Markers, crayons or watercolors can be used to add color, of course. But these fun creations can be just as fabulous in black and white as they can be in color.

This week I challenge you to play around with cartoons and comics. Whether you use tools to trace your favorite character OR you get really creative and come up with your own, take some time with these simple materials to create your or fun project. This is also a great way to loosen up your drawings, especially for people who tend to tighten up and focus on realism (like me, I am really excited to play around with some of these!)

I hope you have fun creating! Please be sure to share your pics of your completed project. Enjoy some time loosening up and getting those creative juices flowing. Happy arting, everyone!

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