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Celebrating Salvadore Dali - Surrealism Art

Salvadore Dali was quite the character. He was a Spanish artist, born on May 11, 1904. He dabbled in many art styles, including realism, impressionism, and expressionism. But he is best known for his surrealist paintings.

Surrealism is a style that links the dream world to reality. It came about in Europe after WWI and all the horrors of war that the European peoples experienced from such a long and brutal war. Surrealist artists allowed images that might be unsettling into their artwork, which was different up until that point, where art had been a place for peaceful or historical images. Often in surrealism, objects that would not usually be found together are linked, often in unusual ways. It can create fun and whimsical pieces while sometimes causing the viewer to ponder on the piece.

I thought it would be fun to celebrate Salvadore Dali's birthday with some surrealist-inspired art. You are welcome to use any medium you would like. And you are welcome to dig into your dream file in your amazing brain and find some "dream inspired" image you would love to put onto paper...or canvas...or whatever medium you choose.

Me? Well, it's no secret I have been itching for a vacation. and camping is always so relaxing for me - sleeping out in nature, no TV around, away from too many people. Sometimes that part can be a problem, especially during those busy times of camping. "On the moon there aren't too many people though." Haha! So, sure! Let's go camping on the moon. I am sure that will be a very quiet stay. ;)

For this piece, I used:

- 10x10" bristol sketchbook

- pencil

- eraser

- pencil sharpener

- Faber Castel India ink pens, black (sizes XS, S, F, and B)

- Prismacolor pencils

I hope you set aside some time to create your own Surrealist artwork. It is a fun style, one of my favorites from my younger years. Let those dreamy-juices flow: pull out the jammies and throw on your night cap. Find links between uncommon objects and have fun! Because really, that is what it is all about: getting creative and having fun. Let go of perfect (it doesn't exist), embrace this moment and enjoy it! Happy arting, all!

PS - I hope all you amazing homeschooling mamas had an AWESOME Mother's Day! You are some strong women out there and you do amazing things for your families. I hope you were spoiled rotten and pampered beyond belief. Stay strong, mamas! Keep loving those kiddos of yours and teaching them well.

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