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Fun & Easy Watercolor Resist Painting

This video was originally created in September 2020, when we were all excitedly awaiting the beauty nature displays with her amazingly warm colors of fall...ironically as the temperatures are getting cooler. Well, for pretty much all the rest of the country but Florida! HaHa!

Watercolors can be a scary medium to use. They are just out of control - kinda like our kids sometimes. But, just like kids, if you embrace the fact that watercolors can go all over and do who knows what, they can be lots of fun. And, just like kids, there are ways to get watercolors to behave and stay or go where you want. Crayons and oil pastels, for example, are some of watercolor's enemies as they prevent them from going willy-nilly & all over the place. (Think about science class & how much wax & oil repel water.) As a result, crayons and oil pastels will help you keep watercolors where you want instead of blending with other watercolors...unless, of course, that's the result you want. Remember, you are the artist. And also remember that NOTHING is perfect. Those oopses are now "happy accidents" (thank you very much, Bob!) and you never know what is going to happen or how awesome something may turn out as a result of you just letting those mistakes happen.

Art is all about play and watercolors are a wonderfully playful medium. Yup, just like kids. Let 'em go. Let 'em run free every once in a while. You may really be surprised how enjoyable and relaxing it can be.

Recommended materials:

- Watercolor paper or multimedia paper (For this project, I would highly recommend using watercolor paper. It is designed to hold up to the water that you will be applying to it. You do not need to get something expensive, use a store brand & watch for sales.) - Watercolors (Use what you have or get "the best that you can afford", especially if this is not a medium you are familiar with. Watch for sales & grab what you can. Crayola or CrazyArt brands are great. You do not need artist quality.) - Paint Brushes - Oil Pastels or Crayons (Both work great, use what you have on hand. No need for you to go buy anything if you do not want to.) - Painter's Tape & a table or board (That same stuff you use on the walls while painting

to get those crisp edges can also help to keep your project in 1 place & the water from dripping all over.) - Old cup for water - Tap Water - Pencils - Erasers - Paper Towels

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