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It's September?? Already??

Holy Toledo, where has the summer gone? I am having a tough time realizing that Labor Day weekend is here. Which means the unofficial end of Summer. Which also means the unofficial start of Autumn.

In Florida, kids already started school. Mine started even earlier...because I am mean. And I needed a schedule beyond doing laundry. And I am hoping for a vacation soon now that everyone else is back in school and not on vacation. After Labor Day weekend, all the kiddos nationwide should be back to school, right?

I sat down last week to plan out the next month or two of projects...and somehow got NEARLY the entire year planned out. For many, that is not very impressive. For me though, it is, as I am not much of a planner. Last year, we studied the "History of Art" and the movements in the art world that took us from Cave Art to Modern/Contemporary Art. This year, I thought it would be fun to look a bit more closely at specific artists and their styles, creating artworks based on specific artists & their works. This may also work out for those with older students who may be looking for an "Art Appreciation" credit - they can study the artist as well as their different works & styles, completing papers or summaries to earn credit (especially if creating art may not be something you/they are interested in).

I figured I would take a few minutes to post here my plans for the September projects and the supplies you will need. As always, if you have any questions, please let me know. I am happy to help where I can.

Sept 6th - "2021-2022 is Gonna Be..."

This will be a fun project to get us in the art mode, get those juices flowing. Not to mention helping us get in the right mindset to have a GREAT school year. Any materials you have or would like to work with would be fabulous here. I used pencils, markers and inks. Crayons and colored pencils would work well also. Though you can use regular typing paper if you would like, but I would recommend something a bit heavier, especially if you are using markers. If you or your young artist has thought about starting a sketchbook (or already has a sketchbook), this would be a great activity for a sketchbook. If you do not yet have one, you can find them at most places that sell arts & craft supplies. The sketchbook does not need to be too big, just try out something that looks and feels good to you, as well as your budget.

Sept 13 - Grandma Moses - Folk Art

In honor of Grandma Moses' style and tradition, I will use what supplies I have around my house to create a folk art scene. I will be using some canvas boards or stretched canvas I have on hand - these can be found most anywhere arts & craft supplies are found, including Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target, etc. I will also be using craft paints I have on hand - those craft tubes that con be found at the same stores for a dollar or less are perfect, but use what you can. Grandma Moses was also known for sprinkling glitter over her winter scenes. If that appeals to you ('cause everything is better with glitter), then go for it! You can also use watercolors and paper. You can use watercolor or mixed media paper with acrylics. And if you don't want to paint, that is ok, too. Crayons, markers, oils pastels, colored pencils, even graphite pencils - all of those will work well, too. We are gonna have some folk art fun creating some great, seasonal country scenes using whatever we have on hand (or whatever we feel will make our best picture).

Sept 20 - "An Apple a Day" Apple Still Life

To create an apple still life, I would recommend you or your young artist use whatever materials you/they feel most comfortable using. Some great mediums to try include acrylic paint, watercolor paint, colored pencil, soft pastels, oil pastels, graphite pencil... You can even mix some of those mediums, like watercolor & colored pencil, to create your masterpiece. Oh...and you will probably want some apples, too. Any variety (or a mix of varieties) will work wonderfully.

Sept 20 - An Apple a Day Alternate Project - Apple Print

To create an apple print, I would recommend you use apples, craft paint (or acrylic paint or tempura paint), construction paper (or mixed media paper. You will also need some apples (any variety or mix) & a knife to cut those apples to get those beautiful prints.

Sept 27 - Peanuts Comic Strip Art

Charles Schultz was known for using ink to create his beloved Peanuts characters. You and your young artists are welcome to use whatever medium you feel most comfortable with. I would recommend you start with a pencil to sketch out your character, and then finish your drawing with pen/ink. If you wish to create a color character, I would recommend using marker, colored pencil, watercolor (make sure you use inks that are not water soluble), crayons, etc.

Which project are you most excited about this month? I hope you enjoy all of them! Happy arting, all!

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