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Lego Art

Legos are so cool. They have been around for what feels like forever and, though the basics of them have not really changed over the years that I can tell, they have certainly gotten "better over the years. Probably all the creative marketing they have used over the years with their movies as well as the "Lego Masters" TV show. Add into that the amazing kits they have put together - Lego certainly has some amazing minds working on those, don't they? They even have kits just filled with different colored bricks so every "Master Builder" can get their creative on and make whatever their brains can dream up.

These amazing little interlocking bricks have not gone overlooked by the art world as a potential creative medium, either. Many artists create beautiful masterpieces with these plastic bricks, some of those builds landing in art museums. Since we have been talking about sculpture, I thought using Lego would help continue our study, as many a households have bins of these fun bricks just waiting to be assembled when the mood struck.

Materials required for this project include Lego and possibly an inspiration picture to create your project. You certainly could go out and buy a Lego set or art set to put together, BUT how much fun will it be to create something completely original for yourself? And that would be my suggestion here. I also know you can run pictures through different filters to get a "blueprint" (if you will) for your project in Legos, a diagram of what colors and pieces to use where. You can certainly do that. You are also welcome, and encouraged, to use your imagination and problem-solving power and see what you can come up with on your own.

The video can be found below. As always, please let me know if you have any questions. I hope you have fun creating something "brick-tacular"! Happy arting, all!

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