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Tie Dye Fun! Celebrating the End of Summer

I love summer. Yes, even Florida summer. There is something so wonderful about those hot, lazy days. Not much else to do than go outside & play with friends, swim in the pool, read a good book while working on on a tan, filling sketchbooks...the list goes on and on. I just remember no schedules as a kid during summer. And that may have been one of the best parts of summer.

As a preteen I was introduced to tie dye. Pretty sure my life was never the same after that. I remember doing it EVERY SUMMER. Faithfully. And I am pretty sure I tie dyed EVERYTHING I could get my hands on. Shirts, dresses, bandanas, canvas bags - you name it. It was so much fun! One of the most fun was the reveal after the dye had set. You just didn't know how it would turn out until that moment.

A couple years ago, I introduced tie dye to my boys. It re-ignited the fun of this summer-time activity for me. And these shirts are SUPER practical for us, too (and maybe it will be for you, too, as you start planning out your art classes) - the old ones have become my kiddos' art shirts! And why not? Even if they get a spot on it, you never notice. Blends right in, haha!

The dyes they have available in the stores now are amazing, too! They are so simple to use, coming in squeeze bottles or spray bottles. It is perfect for getting the color RIGHT where you want it, something I always struggled with way back when. And so far I have to say, I am SUPER IMPRESSED with how well the colors stay, even after a few years of washing.

To make a tie dye project, you will need:

- dyes (I found mine in the arts/crafts section of Walmart, but are available in most any arts & crafts stores + Amazon)

- t-shirt or other material to tie dye

- rubber bands or string to tie off the sections

- gloves to keep your hands free of the dyes

- plastic wrap or bag to put item in while dye sets in

- water to rinse shirt off

Are you not up for making a tie dye shirt or other piece of clothing? That doesn't mean you have to miss out on the fun. Try another tie dye inspired art project! And you probably already have the materials for that in your house. What will you need? Start with paper. Typing paper will work, but I would recommend mixed media paper or watercolor paper. What else what do you need? Well, what art materials do you most enjoy working with? Try those. What materials do you wish you could try or work with more? Then try those, too. What materials are you not crazy about? Maybe you should try those while you are at it :) Markers, crayons, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, watercolors, oil pastels, soft pastels - all of those will work great for this project!

Need some ideas for inspiration? You are welcome to check out the video below. Have fun celebrating the end of summer, all...and happy arting!

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