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"2021-2022 is Gonna Be..."

2020 was certainly an interesting year. Not many saw it coming, at least I didn't. Once we were in it, I struggled with keeping my thoughts positive. Did you?

I started reading in 2020. I have never been a reader, but I really enjoyed spending time every morning in a book. And I have learned a lot. One thing I learned from a few books that I read was that my thinking really does affect my mood and my attitude. The first thought of the day once I wake in the morning, the thoughts that I have when I start or am in the middle of a project, the thoughts that run through my head when things are getting tough - all of those can impact the way my project can go. Staying positive can certainly make life, even in its toughest moments, a little bit better.

This year, I have 3 that are officially doing school now - a 9th grader, a 6th grader, and a 1st grader. There has been a lot of time talking and planning leading up to us starting this school year. Fear has certainly set in once or twice for all of us, but I believe going into our school year and each individual school day with a positive thought and a positive attitude helps us to push through fear and do our best.

This has been my inspiration for this project: creating a fun piece of artwork with a positive message to help you and your little artists move through the school days and the whole school year.

So how would you like your school year to go? How do your kids want this school year to feel? Today is the day to decide that. Set your mind on the direction you want your days to be and renew and refresh those thoughts as often as you need. This is an artwork that can certainly be hung in a place that you and yours could see frequently, so those positive messages could serve as refreshers daily.

Any medium would be great for this project. I used mixed media paper in my sketchbook, but you can certainly use typing paper or whatever else you have on hand. You will also want pencil and eraser to sketch out your piece. I used Faber-Castell ink pens to outline my pieces & markers to color in my works, but you are welcome to use any medium you choose to make your amazing piece.

You can find the video for this project here:

If you are interested in seeing my project in real time, you can find that here:

Have fun creating your positive vibes! I would love to see them if you would like to share them with me. Happy arting, all!

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