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Abstract Art & Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Art is one of those artistic styles that can strike quite a bit of emotion in people. Some people love it. Some people DO NOT! Some people find it beautiful, relaxing, full of energy or full of feeling. Others see it as too simple. I have heard people say such things as "anyone can do it", "a child can draw better", or "it's not 'real' art".

I think Abstract Art is beautiful and perhaps a bit misunderstood. I do certainly find it to be a little bit more challenging compared to other artistic styles. For starters, there is no reference photo to really work from. This leaves so much open for the artist to decide on the layout and composition of the artwork.

I have to say I LOVE watching abstract artists at work. It looks so freeing and exciting. Making art for art's sake. Letting random brushstrokes, scrapes, splatters, etc, fall where they may to create a masterpiece.

In this video I talk about what I have learned about Abstract Art as well as attempt to create an abstract painting. I hope you enjoy creating your own Abstract Art! Happy arting, all!

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