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"An Apple a Day..." Apple Inspired Art

There are some things that just make me think of fall. Or some things I think of when I think of fall. Like cooler temperatures, warm colors, fires by the fire place (or fire pit), sweaters, soup, colorful leaves...and apples.

Does your family like apples? Mine sure does. We don't have orchards here in Florida, sadly. But we have taken a trip up to Ellijay, GA, to experience their Apple Festival and do some fun, family apple picking. While plain apples are great, apple treats are some of the best - apple strudel, apple crisp, apple pie, apple chips... I could go on forever! Mmmm!

Since the start of fall is upon us, and apples and fall go hand in hand, I thought I would take that inspiration and create fun project with apples. A tasty one too, because we can have a delicious apple snack while creating our project (or after the project is complete). I have a few ideas to choose from. You may have your own, too. And, of course, you are welcome to try all of them, if you feel up to it.

The first project idea is an apple print, and is so much fun! Super simple, especially for the little kiddos, you just need apples, craft paint, construction paper (recommended), a paper/Styrofoam plate, and paper towels. Cut those apples in half and stamp away!

The second project idea is a painting using apples as your brush! As you know, I LOVE using other utensils to paint with (palette knives, gift cards, fingers, etc). Apples are no exception. It is so fun and freeing to try something new to create a new piece of art. It doesn't have to be perfect or turn into your next masterpiece - just try something different and have fun.

The third project idea is an apple still life. Apples are so fun and each is so unique, creating a still life scene and letting your drawing or painting skills flow can be a great way to improve those skills. While you can create your still life in any style you would like, trying a realistic approach may help you train your eye to see all the wonderful details in everyday objects.

The video for the Apple Projects can be found here.

I will be working on putting together the video for the apple still life I created. I will post that soon.

I hope you enjoy doing some apple projects and celebrating the arrival of Autumn. I cannot wait to see what you create. Have fun all, and happy arting!

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