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Ancient Art - Creating a Greek Vase

*This video was originally posted in September 2020 as a part of our History of Art series. It was fun to work with clay - actually touching and creating the art with your hands! The tactile learners in your midst will be so satisfied :) *

This stop in our History of Art series takes us to the Ancient time period, which covers from about 5,000 BC to around 450 AD! That is a HUGE range and there are SO MANY cultures that we could study, it really is hard to pick one. But since we are KIND OF studying the history of art from a Modern American point of view, and one culture in particular had such a HUGE impact on the Renaissance Period (spoiler alert), I will choose Ancient Greece. I will do my best to pull in projects from other worldwide cultures as the year goes on.Ancient Greece was really a huge part for the thoughts and ideas we enjoy in the modern world. They enjoyed periods of peace and stability, and that certainly helped them become so skilled in their arts. From their amazing architecture and frescos to their metal work, sculptures and pottery, they took just about everything they did and made it beautiful. And they did it so well that much of it still stands today.

Pottery in Ancient Greece was very important. It was not only functional (used to store water, wine, oil and perfume) but beautiful. And the pottery that was left behind for us gives us so much information about them still today. The designs are beautiful, but the pictorial art on them helps to tell stories or show what life was like for the Greeks. They are extremely durable, helping to aid in them still existing in such perfect condition, still today.Since this pottery is so important, I thought an Ancient Greek Pottery project would be fun. This project may need to be divided into a couple days, but hopefully it will be one that you and your kids will enjoy.

Suggested Materials:

- Air Dry Clay (I recommend Crayola, either white or terra cotta)

- Small containers for water- Tap water

- Wax or Parchment Paper- Newspaper or Plastic covering for the table

- Acrylic or Tempura Paint (I recommend black, yellow, etc, but use whatever colors makes you happy 🙂 )

- Paintbrushes

- Container for water for painting

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