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Celebrating Piet Mondrian

Do you like Abstract Art? There are many who have mixed feelings about it, even today, over 100 years since the Abstract Movement in art began. Me? I do like much of it. It can be so fun and different.

Piet Mondrian was a Dutch artist. He began as an Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artist. However, he is most known for his Abstract Art. In fact, he was a pioneer in the Abstract Art Movement, which shifted art completely during the 1900s, moving art away from figurative pictures. He was also regarded as one of the greatest artists in the 20th Century.

What better way to celebrate Piet Mondrian's Birthday on March 7th than to create an Abstract Art piece with Geometric Shapes. I am using Mondrian's most famous style as my inspiration.

For this project, I am using:

- a pencil

- a ruler

- a paper towels

- a 12x12" canvas panel

- a palette

- a paint cup

- water

- a #2 flat brush

- a #0 liner brush

- cadmium red acrylic paint

- ultramarine acrylic paint

- yellow medium acrylic paint

- mars black acrylic paint

- neutral gray acrylic paint

- titanium white acrylic paint

Use the ruler and pencil to grid out squares and rectangles...and then get to painting...or coloring! Markers or crayons would work great for this project too, if you aren't feeling up to acrylic paints. Use your eye to create a beautifully balanced geometric painting. Check out the video here:

I hope you have fun with this project. Make something amazing. Relax and enjoy the process of making art, just for art's sake. Happy arting, everyone!

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