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Celebrating Spring! - Spring Art

Oh, Happy Spring, Amazing Artists! Happy Equinox Day, too. Do you feel more balanced? (You know...since we just had equal amounts of day and night?? Sorry, that would be the geek in me coming out again, wouldn't it?? Haha!)

I love Spring. I love all the seasons, I guess. Can't say I have a favorite. They are all unique, they are all different. And I love watching the seasons change. That may be my favorite part of the seasons and the years. Seeing the growth. Seeing the changes. The ebbs and flows of life.

One of my favorite parts of spring is to see the spring-blooming flowers coming back to life. Seeing the bees and butterflies back in the butterfly garden in our walkway up to our house. I love sitting outside on our front porch with a book or sketchbook, soaking in the inspiration from the simplicity of nature.

For this project, I did have a bit of a problem - I didn't know what to make. I almost had too many ideas. Has that ever happened to you? I settled on 2 - a simple, loose, yellow tulip and a tree painting. (Yeah, I may have had a little too much fun with the last tree painting. This time, though, I opted for acrylic for my medium. You, of course, are welcome to use whatever medium you enjoy using.

For each of these pieces I used:

- a stretched canvas (11x14" for tulip, 12x12" for tree)

- paper towels

- water

- water cup

- paint brushes (I also used palette knives for the tree painting, gift cards work, too)

- a palette (paper plates can work, also)

- assorted paints

For the yellow tulip painting background, I used a variety of spring pastel colors with titanium white. I then used some different shades of yellow for the tulip and used its complimentary color, purple, for the flower stem and other fun accents around the flower. For the leaves I used a few different shades of green.

For the tree painting, I am gonna share a little secret I sometimes use in my art process - I used a color palette I found online. I LOVE these because it makes putting a piece like this together sooo much easier for me. I already know the colors will look good together, so it frees up my mind to do what it really wants to do...and that is to create a fun piece. I have to say, if putting colors together is something that trips you up ("is that color going to look good with that color, etc..."), using tools that are around you, like color palettes, may help you overcome your blocks and get you onto the road of creating your amazing masterpieces.

So, what will you be inspired to create to celebrate the arrival of spring? I bet it is going to be AMAZING! I cannot wait to see it. You are welcome to share it with me and others on social media - just tag it with #dontforgettheart If you haven't already, you are welcome to join our Facebook group and follow on Instagram, too! If you are interested in my artwork, as some of you have expressed, you are welcome to check out my personal art FB page here or my website, too. The website may be under please be patient. HAHA!

A direct link to this week's video can be found below. I hope you enjoy creating something to celebrate the changing of the seasons and the arrival of Spring. Enjoy, all...and happy arting!

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