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Cubism - Creating a Portrait in a Cubism Style

Cubism was a revolutionary art movement beginning around 1907-08 by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. Though the simple thought behind cubistic pieces is that the subject matters are broken down into their simplest shapes, many cubism paintings attempt to depict the different views of a 3-dimentional object on a 2-dimentional plane, resulting in a piece that can look stylized, fragmented, and even abstract.

I think Cubist art tends to be misunderstood. In fact there are many who do not like this style at all. But I think once people understand a bit more what the artists were trying to do, it makes it a little easier to appreciate the complex ideas put into Cubism Art. And even if Cubism is not your favorite style, you can certainly still have fun while playing around with the concept behind the art.

And what better thing to play with than the face? Probably the most recognized subject on earth, Cubist artists LOVED to create portraits of the face - altering the placement of the eyes and the ears while switching these items from a frontal position to a profile position in the painting.

To me, Cubism is about fun. It is about letting go of "reality" and seeing the world through the eyes of a child. Allowing your work of art tell the story of your subject. Grasping that your subject has many points of view, and if you want to, you can show them all to your viewer. Just like a book is more than one page, and you can be described by more than one adjective, the subject of your art is more than just a single view. Just have fun! See what you can create. And, if you would, share your finished pictures. I would love to see them.

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