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The Impressionists really opened up a new avenue for art. The Fauvists then pushed the boundaries of art even further. I wonder what life must have been like for the art critics of the time, as they watched the rules for "acceptable art" go out the window completely?

But so much had changed in the world. It's not surprising that art would change, too. After all, with a growing Middle Class, art was no longer for just the Upper Class, Monarchs, Church, and Elites. Everyday people were now buying art. And they were clearly loving the new vibe the artists were putting out.

With the invention of the camera, Realistic art wasn't as much of a necessity anymore. Artists were now free to paint what they want and when they wanted to. With trains (& eventually automobiles), moving from one place to another was getting easier. The world was getting smaller. Artists and buyers are now better able to find each other.

With all this freedom, it is not surprising for art to get more back to it's roots - a way for the artist to EXPRESS their thoughts and feelings (remember the Cave Art we talked about months ago?). Expressionistic Artists built on the Impressionist & Fauvist movements. They used bold colors and textured brushstrokes. The artists also distorted the objects or subjects in the artwork in order to help convey their thought, feelings and emotions into their art.

In this video, I talk more about the Expressionist movement and artwork. And I give you some tips to help you & your kiddos create a beautiful Expressionistic painting (although any medium will work here). I created this painting without brush (for the most part). I used a cut up gift card and my fingers - after all, art does NOT have to require expensive equipment in order to create something beautiful. Let you feelings flow and HAVE FUN as you create your masterpiece. I cannot wait to see what you produce.

Happy arting, everyone!

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