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How Creative Was Your Summer?

I have to admit, this summer was not nearly as creative as I had hoped. Not as creative as I had planned at all. I really struggled the past few weeks to get my creative juices flowing. I kept hoping and waiting...praying and waiting...and waiting...

Getting school started early sure did help. We needed to get back to a schedule. Well, I needed to get back to a schedule anyway. And one thing I realized as I was helping get my boys back on track with school was progress was being made whether they felt like it or not. See, I was waiting to feel this burst of creative energy, waiting for this amazing "ah-ha" moment or creative idea to come over me and then get into the groove of getting creative work done. And I suppose I could then blame my lack of progress made on the fact that there was no inspiration going on. But I don't ask my kiddos to wait to do school until the inspiration hits them and they feel this uncontrollable desire to break out the math book and problem solve like an epic mathematician. No, I tell them to break out the math book and get to the business of getting those problems solved. Why? Well, because I know it will never get done any other way. Not too many people wake in the morning with a burning desire to crack open the math problems.

Getting creative can be the same way. Maybe those creative juices aren't flowing for you. Maybe that creative well seems completely dried up. Maybe it seems like those awesome ideas you have to do with your kiddos (or by yourself) will take too long, be too messy, get too complicated, or any of a number of excuses you have for not trying them. I am here to tell you you only have today. Don't live with the regret of not doing them. Your kiddos are only going to be this age today. Tomorrow they will be one day older. And you will not get that chance again once it is gone.

If it is something you want to do for you, then you need to make the time. You are important. Too important not to take and make the time for.

If it is the lack of inspiration...I finally had to face the Pablo Picasso quote that I enjoy sharing so often:

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