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Medieval Art - Faux Stained Glass

*This project was originally created in October 2020*

I LOVE stained glass. My biggest memory of stained glass would be from the church. The first church we went to had multiple panels of stained glass that reached from the floor to the ceiling stretching both sides of the church. I remember staring at them while in church, watching the light flow through them, reflecting the beautiful colors all over the well-dressed people in the church.

The beauty of this medium has always fascinated me. It is strong enough to hold out the fiercest of storms, yet delicate enough to tell a story. Stained glass makes pretty suncatchers as well as lamp shades. The possibilities are really endless.

I have always wanted to work with this medium. To this date, I have not. But hopefully I will soon. That hasn't stopped me from creating fun faux stained glass projects. And hopefully these will be fun (and safer) way for you and your kiddos to play around with this medium.

Let me know if there are any questions you have or if I can help you in any way. Have fun creating all!

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