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Pop Art - Celebrating Roy Lichtenstein's Birthday

Roy Lichtenstein's artwork is so very iconic. That comic book style artwork made up of all those little, precisely placed dots is recognizable by many. It is such a fun, playful way to look at art. And art is supposed to be fun. And playful. Which is why Lichtenstein's art has probably lasted through the years.

I thought is would be fun to celebrate this art pioneer by playing around with some Pop Art. You are welcome to use any medium you and your kiddos will enjoy most - oils, acrylics, markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc. Heck, you could even try cutting out dots from construction paper and pasting them down. That could be a LOT of fun for the littles. You may also want to use some comics or even some Roy Lichtenstein artworks for inspiration.

For my creation, I used acrylics on stretched canvas. The idea come to me a while ago when someone challenged me to create a Pop Art piece. I think it is a piece and an art style I would like to play around with some more. It certainly is fun and almost seems to have an "anything goes" kinda feel to it.

And that feel was very much appreciated this week, indeed. We had unexpected company come - which was awesome, just unexpected. It was also a week for accomplishing some goals, too, which was REALLY awesome! I completed the drawing challenge I had been working on that I have mentioned to you - it was called #catober - 31 days of cat drawings. They are posted on my Facebook page (you are welcome to check them out here if you are interested. We also finished the tiling of our bedroom floor - YAY! Which means this chaos of our construction zone is actually starting to wrap up and *maybe* (fingers crossed) this house will start to find some order again. BIG sigh of relief!

I sure hope you enjoy playing around with some pop art in your homeschool art class. It really is a lot of fun and one that most kids will enjoy creating. The video is below. As always, if you need any help, please feel free to let me know how I can help you. I hope you have fun making some memories with this project. Enjoy, everyone, and happy arting! 🎨

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