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Pop Art Project

Pop Art is a fun art style bringing popular culture into the art world, blurring the lines once again and bringing up the conversation of "What is art?" It is a movement started in the 1950s & 1960s in Great Britain and American that is still going strong. Famous Pop Art Artists include Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Keith Harding. They created fun projects pulling in famous people or common household goods and combining with bright colors, or creating thought provoking images in a cartoonish style.

This will be a very fun project to do with your kids and can be done with any medium. And it can be of just about ANYTHING. For the teens and tweens, they may enjoy sketching (or tracing) a famous person or logo and playing on that. A charicture or cartoon could be created as well. Repeating the image and using different different colors for each image is so iconically Pop Art and even the littles can have fun doing that.

Whatever you decide to create, I hope you have fun doing it. You are welcome to check out the video which will hopefully help give you inspiration for some Pop Art fun! Happy arting, everyone!

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