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Surrealism is such a strange art form. Probably because it deals with some of our most bizarre subjects - our dreams.

An art movement that began in the 1920s in the aftermath of World War I in Europe, Surrealism was inspired by Sigmund Freud's ideas of psychoanalysis, dreams, and the unconscious mind. Surrealists believed that by tapping into their unconscious or dream mind it may improve their creativity and ability to express themselves.

Understanding dreams is nothing new and (in my opinion) isn't something that should make us fearful. Interpreting dreams goes back to Biblical times. Who knows why we dream. I am guessing dreams are ways of thoughts or "things to do" that are in the back of our mind to come into our conscious mind. Yes dome dreams can be creepy or not make any since, but some dreams can be good and positive experiences.

Surrealism is an art form that is still alive and well. And Surrealism includes many different medium as well: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, film and performing arts to name a few. Anything that stretches the imagination and pulls in the "dreamlike" feel to it can pretty much be labeled with a surrealistic feel to it.

I hope you enjoy trying your hand at a piece of Surrealistic artwork. It is one of my favorite art styles to play with (even though I don't do THAT much of it). In the video below I provide you with some ideas to help get you into a surrealist mood. I can't wait to see your artwork when you are finished. Be sure to share them in our Facebook group if you are there or use #dontforgettheart on social media. Happy arting, all!

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