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Arting with Tweens, Teens (& Yourself)

Arting with littles is so fun. And pretty easy, right? Littles are artists. They are so creative. They can make something beautiful from nothing. They can paint pictures or draw landscapes. Some are even so talented they can draw a whole story. At least, that's how my boys draw.

I am not sure when it happens, but it happens to so many of us (too many of us) where we suddenly hear the voices in our head telling us our work is not good enough. I think it starts in the tween or teen years. We start playing that comparison game and suddenly nothing we do seems to be good enough "compared to everyone else."

I don't know about you (or your middles & olders), but I know I am usually my worst critic. Why? Well, I can see all my mistakes, my "oopses" my boo-boos. You may not, but I do. I think, for me, that is part of the problem: I see my mistakes. But when I look at other artist's work, I see "perfect."

When the school year starts, the first few weeks, maybe even the first month or two is pretty easy. Usually it is all review. And for some it may be a way to get back into a routine or get those summertime cobwebs out. Because eventually the work gets harder. And maybe not all at once, but the difficulty increases with time.

I kinda think things start out so easy to help build confidence. And that is what I want to help you do here. If you have a tween, a teen or maybe you who wants to get more into art but not sure where to start - you want to do more "fine art" type stuff but just scared or frustrated on how to do it - I talk about how to get art going in your classroom to help you and your tweens & teens set up for success.

I hope this helps and, as always, please let me know if there is anything else

I can help you with.

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