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Protecting Acrylic Paintings with Liquid Varnish

A couple weeks ago I showed you how to finish your artwork using spray varnish & fixatif (you can find that video linked below).

Today I show you how to use liquid varnish to protect your acrylic paintings. Liquid varnish, in my opinion, gives a more complete seal, a more confident layer that your painting is protected. It can be used indoors without the worry of needing a "well ventilated area." On the down-side, it does take longer to dry. The varnish can drip off the sides and that may need to be sanded down. Liquid varnish will also only work on a smooth painting. So if you like to paint with lots of texture (I am very guilty of this), you will have to opt for the spray varnish as the liquid varnish will pool in your textured bits and will not look right when finished.

Like spray varnishes, liquid varnishes come in Matte, Satin, and Gloss finishes. Which one you like is up to you. It really is a personal choice, each has their pros and cons. The biggest thing is to just try it out & see which one you like most.

In case you want to check out the spray varnish video again, you can find that here:

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